Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Crow Who Wore A Suit And Worked In An Office - online? wat

I was supposed to put it up here for some time ago but so much things have been going on lately.
This is the short film I made in the spring semester when I attended an exchange programme to Glamorgan University in Cardiff, Wales, 2011!
Due to time limitations I didnt get to do everything I wanted but thats how it goes with ambitious thinking at times.
If you have not seen it then take a look, its only gonna take 3:43 out of your life!

Feeling misplaced and trapped in an environment where he doesn't belong, he dreams of doing what he always wanted. This is the story of the crow who wore a suit and worked in an office.

Music done by Phil Brookes. The same guy who made the music for "But Milk Is Important"

The Crow Who Wore A Suit And Worked In An Office from maddahaody on Vimeo.

Btw I am going to Annecy in June. Me and Anna where so lucky that we got our film in the Graduation competition programme! This is super cool and we're really looking forward to get down there, meet people and check out other great films!


  1. Wow! I love your short film Eric! The puppets were so realistic and I really loved your sets! If you like, I have a blog that I have that you can check it out during you spare time!
    Hope you enjoy my blog!

    1. Hey David! Thank you! Glad you enjoyed my film :)
      Its a really productive blog you got there. Cool drawings. Keep up the good work!