Monday, April 18, 2011

Illustration and concept

Here's some images of  how I picture some parts of the story and some of the feel of it.
Animatic will be put up very shortly. Just had to make some minor changes. Can allso inform that my music guy, Phil, have given me an awesome draft for the beginning of the film! Yay!

Some pics from the beginning and up

 Basic aluminium wire with heatshrink tube on to protect the wire.

K/N's on washer for using replaceable arms. Attached on the armature below the neck

Body shaped out of matrass foam and added K/Ns on armature.

Hand sewed trousers! 

Miniature and Crow posing. Arms have a layer of blu-tack and then coated with dark pigmented latex.

Painted the head black before starting to glue tiny bits of feather from the back of the head and up.

More to come! Starting on my sets this week and dont really have much time... Hope it doesnt get too bad... :|

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

More Car

Painted up and added a small grill made of wire, yay

The car!

 The crow allso drives a car!. Made out of foamboard and details from styrofoam

Here covered with filling, sparkel in norwegian so I get to cover all the crappy joints. Allso sanded it down and started painting it. More pics to come yo